Savor every moment on stage with your new Hancy.

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Show, don't tell

Hancy team is not just producing and selling rings. The mad software and hardware engineers will make you wonder while our flamboyant marketers will sell you freedom.

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Unleash yourself on the stage

Be wild, be crazy, be impressive. Every person with enthusiasm can express his passion while speaking so give your hands a well earned break and be who you are with no boundaries.

Universal Compatibility

Windows 7+/Mac OS 10.9+/Linux 14+ PPT/Keynote/PRF/Prezi/Google Slides


Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)

Power and battery

Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery up to 4 days Standard micro USB interface for charging Charging cable length 5.5 (140mm)

Size and weight

Height x Width x Depth 4,5 mm x 45 mm x 15 mm (1,77) x (1,77)x (0.59) 120 gr.


Up to 100 metres (It may vary based on conditions)


Flexible light ABS polymer with operating temperature -20 to 50 C


You are unique. You have unique style and you need a unique watch for you. Choose from our collection of watches.

Hancy 1.0



Hancy 1.0

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